Trendy Women Hairstyles for Straight Hair- 2016

Straight Hair Styling first originated towards the very end of the 19th century and ever since it has evolved in leaps and bounds. The smooth, uniform texture provides one with a distinct advantage in looking pretty. Class can be effortlessly associated with this form of styling owing to the shine it naturally exhibits due to the flat surface of the hair. Let’s have a look at 5 viable experiments that can be implemented on straight hair by taking into consideration various face shapes.

Chunky Fringe

A bold style that exhibits rich class and makes an immediate impression. It can be acquired without much of a hassle by just undergoing periodic heat treatments. Maintenance is the key as it should be ensured that all strands are straight, as otherwise it would look unkempt. Generally, women with a face shape that is long can adhere to this style to ensure a smooth and uniform look.

Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs is a trendy style that can be perfected on straight hair of different lengths. Women with large foreheads can resort to this style in order to hide the extra margins, but with the assistance of a straight haircut of medium length. The length can vary from person to person in accordance with different face shapes.

Melted Shag

Another trendy style popular among women is the melted shag which is applicable for women with long straight hairstyles. If the entire stretch of hair is demarcated into three-quarters, the entire stretch till the bottom (third) quarter is to remain plain and smooth. The third quarter is improvised by effective ironing to give it a distinguished look and texture. The smoothness can be maintained by carefully catering to all sections of the hair while straightening and is the most advisable for women with round faces.

Round Layers

One might complain of hair falling on the face, especially the ones with straight hair. In order to avoid this, round layers ensure that the front layers remain relatively short with it extending towards the back. Styling agents are to be used in order to ensure the same and effective ironing has to be resorted to for proper smoothening. Optimum levels of heat treatment are also advisable for relevant enhancement of the same. Mainly women having a wide face shape can opt for this hairstyle in order to receive the desired outcome.

The Craze of Cappucino

A perfect color contrast is to be achieved with the shades of cinnamon and vanilla. Huge, thick bangs can be associated with this style that helps in covering up the entire stretch of the forehead and a major part of the eye. Post shower, the bangs in the front should be aimed at drying first and then the subsequent smoothening of the rest of the portion should be taken into account. The overall color contrast should be that of cappuccino as the name suggests. One significant factor about this style is that it sits really well on those with thick hair. The advantage though is that this hairstyle can be donned by women with all kinds of face shapes.

The concept of straight hair has reached a new height in the fashion world over the years and it can safely be claimed that in the years to come, one can expect more evolution and breakthroughs in the improvisation of this one of a kind hairstyle.


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