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Ombre Hair Color: Trending Style of 2016

Ombre reminds me of Mermaids and the Fairytale Princesses. If you are naturally blessed with lovely curls and wavy locks, or even are a owner of perfect straight locks, feel free to choose ombre hair color not just because it offers plenty of color options, but also as you can do it in super inexpensive ways. You can even DO IT YOURSELF.

  • Mermaid Ombre – Perfect for Curly and Wavy hair

Most of the girls want to be that adorable little mermaid of our bedtime stories. But that red locks is not that likeable for all. Thankfully, now the RED has completely been replaced by a soft blend of cerulean, turquoise, and silver hue. A little pinch of well-blended teal hue just at the ends of your blonde hair will bring you that perfect mermaid looks that you always cherished.

This trend is perfect for cool and pale toned girls. Blonde hair is ideal for the styling, as it needs less effort to bring live to that color.

However, if you have the curly coil hair, a subtle ombre hair styling will suit you best. It instantly freshen up and provide you a sun-kissed look. Warm or caramel skin tone goes well with this look. You can end up your styling by trying out a French Braid.

ombre hair color

  • Bronze Ombre

Rich dark brown hair (or even black hair) flowing down to caramel brown also presents an eye soothing Ombre style. Pairing your locks with some extra volume should turn heads wherever you go!

If warm color flatters your skin tone, bronze hair color should be your selection. Dark hair with brown roots makes it easy to achieve this style. While blondes may find it difficult, as they need to dye the entire length to get the desired outcome, it should be an easy style tip for the Asian counterparts.

You can also make your ombre pop by adding volumes to it and curling it using hair rollers. To get an additional effect, consider adding nice curls into lightened ends.

The interplay of brunette hair color and warmer tones suits the Asian skin tone. This look works great with added volume by backcombing the base.

  • Contrasting Ombre

This is another example of combination hair color, where medium to dark brown locks can enjoy a subtle flow into bright blonde. This marks a bold statement and is quite easy to maintain. This combination also looks fabulous in updos and braids.

Though lighter skin tone always looks stunning with this styling, but you can also get this look if you have a dark skin tone after judging the perfect color that suits your skin tone and then customizing the style.

If your hair is long and strong, it is wise to consider end lightening, as with this you can achieve the Ombre look without damaging the ends.

  • Dipped Ombre

Many times we fail to select between the warm and cool tone and end up with an inappropriate hair color selection. But with Ombre coloring, you cannot make any mistake!

Even if you are confused, you can add light and dark hue alike! A very common dipped ombre combination is the dark chocolate hue that transits into sandy blonde. This works well with almost all skin tone and best suits an olive, golden and peach complexion.

  • Ribbon Ombre Look

This is one of the hottest trends of 2016, and will surely race long. Blonde looks amazing with the ribbon ombre look. You can add ribbons of twisted pink within your curls. Ribbon highlights offer a wide variety of colors including carnation pink, bubblegum pink,strawberry pink, magenta. But if you are not a PINK hue fan, you can try the same hair styling with lavender, tangerine, scarlet or even teal hue.

The ribbon looks can be carried easily by any skin tone. Even if your hair is damaged, grab some bright colors to get the look and cover up your damages.

  • Reverse Ombre

Ombre hairstyle does not always mean darker at the roots and lighter to the ends, you can reverse the idea to get a flawless reverse ombre hair color. Reverse Ombre looks best on blondes who have natural light-colored roots. You can add a warm mahogany transition from bright blonde to retain the lightness around your face. A lighter tip and dark end make the hair look naturally thick and smooth.

Blondes looking for edgy look love reverse ombre. This edgy looked reverse ombre is great for medium to light-toned ladies who love their blonde but want something different. Thick to medium hair with wavy, soft curls, or straight should carry this look well.

  • Patterned Ombre

This is another bold hair trend of 2016 that Millennials are embracing slowly. Your ombre hair (both reverse and natural ombre can head for this trend) will be stamped creating a fresh look. You can ask your stylist to be creative with leopard print, flower, patterns and almost anything. You can even surprise your beloved with heart patterned ombre on your big day.

This may be the first time pattern coloring for your hair stylist. So, allow them some preparation time and let them practice well, before they style your hair. You can also ask them to choose a semi-permanent color that will fade away with time. Moreover, if you are not sure with the pattern ombre looks, you can also try a pattern hair extension and then head to the permanent color pattern.

I am sure by now, you too have became Ombre obsessed. So, what is your ombre look this summer? Share your clicks and feedback with us and stay tuned to get the latest news on hair trend and styling.