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white hair causes

White Hair – ‘Identifying the Primary Causes’

Wearing white hair is one of the most dreadful feelings in life. It not only makes you feel insecure about your looks, but also subjects you to endless questions and ridicule from the world. Sometimes you may even feel awkward in making it to the hair salon to seek remedies and treatment. You may consult a professional hair stylist to know what’s going wrong and the following are the things that he might have to say.

Melanin Deficiency & Hormonal Imbalance

Diminished levels of melanin can lead to the prevalence of white hair. Proper intake of nutrients and protein supplements is directly linked to the production levels of melanin. White hair emerges when the melanin level drops down to below par. Apart from melanin, the pigmentation of hair can also be associated with the hormones in our body. Often, hormonal imbalance can also lead to white hair.

Smoking Tobacco

Your professional hair stylist will definitely ask you to cut down on tobacco consumption, especially in the form of cigarettes. It is a proven fact that excessive smoking multiplies the chances of the growth of white hair. Apart from white hair growth, it might also cause detriment to your hair by making it excessively dull and brittle. Thus, quitting smoking is imperative.

Hair Loss

One might ask, how on earth does hair loss lead to white hair. The resounding fact is, ‘it just does’. If you are not taking enough care of your hair, it will inadvertently lead to hair fall or hair loss. Now when the hair grows back again, the new strands have lesser pigment than the original hair. This holds true more often when you are ageing. As a result, white hair may appear on your head and you might be left wondering why. Thus, effective hair care should be taken in order to prevent excessive hair loss which in turn leads to white hair.

Lack of Vitamin B-12

The intake of Vitamin B-12 is significant for your health. Often when there is a lack of this vitamin in the diet, it might lead to a state known as pernicious anemia. During this condition, the hair starts to lose its’ pigmentation and the consistent intake of the vitamin can reverse this effect. Vitamin B-12 can be found in abundance in animal meat such as beef, pork, chicken, etc. Vegetarians can resort to vegetables, fruits and dairy products.

High Stress Levels

Stress causes hair to become white. Is it a fact or a myth? According to a 2013 New York University study, researchers found out that a few hormones are produced while an individual is under stress. These hormones caused detriment to the hair by depleting the melanocyte stem cells that provided color to the hair. This caused hair to turn white. However, there are other researches that oppose this point and say that there is no direct connection between the two. In any case, it’s better that you try and stay stress free.

Usage of harmful chemicals

It is always wise to confirm from your professional hair stylist the hair products that you are using. This is because harmful chemicals like sulfates and phosphates might be present in the product that you are using. These chemicals can make your hair excessively dry by soaking out all the moisture. They can also considerably weaken the roots of your hair and as a result, increase the chances of the prevalence of white hair. Therefore, it is important that you have enough knowledge and information about a hair product before using it.

hair growth tips

Hair Growth – Tips on How to Enhance the Pace

Hair enthusiasts should understand that there is no definite shortcut or an overnight secret ingredient that will help one grow hair quicker. However, one can appreciate the chances of hair growth by minimizing damage and ensuring the prevalence of hair that is healthy. The following hair growth tips will help one achieve the desired results.

Periodic Trimming

As strange as it might sound, a visit to the hair salon every once in a while is important. A haircut will not enhance the rate of hair growth but it will help maintain the original rate by keeping away split ends. Not eliminating split ends will result in them climbing to the higher strands and causing breakage. Trimming off the split ends will bring about the appearance of smoother hair and not lead to hair losing strength. Most importantly, it will prevent hair loss and maintain the normal rate of hair growth.

Feed your Scalp

Hair Stylists often suggest that oiling the scalp on a regular basis is a very good habit. The hair follicles get stimulated as a result of better blood circulation on the application of oil. The ideal food for your scalp can be any oil rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. For ex- castor oil. Regularly applying castor oil, coconut oil, or almond oil will lead to healthier hair and increase the rate of hair growth. Thus, a healthy scalp will help in fostering conditions for rapid hair growth.

Preventing Hair Loss is the key

Frequent visits to professional hair salons are not necessary to prevent hair loss. It is the simple things that we do wrong that can lead to excess hair fall. It is a simple fact that no matter how much your rate of hair growth is if you keep losing hair, it does not make a difference. Hair loss can be prevented by brushing with care in a bottom to top fashion, allowing the hair to air dry on most occasions, getting rid of locks before brushing in a non-rigorous way, avoiding split ends, and by limiting the uses of a coarse towel.

Type of Diet

The rate of hair growth certainly depends on the kind of diet that one subjects him/herself to. Ideally, in order to enhance the growth of hair, a diet rich in protein is advisable. Minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium are also very advantageous for hair growth. Apart from this, the intake of vitamins is very important, especially food that is rich in Vitamin A,B,C & E. Vitamin B-complex is also very much essential in order to have an enhanced hair growth.

Conditioner- A must

We are used to going to professional hair stylists regularly for some or the other treatment like coloring, spa, smoothening, etc. As a result of these treatments, the hair strands become considerably thin. The proteins in the hair are replaced and the cuticles get sealed as a result of frequent use of the conditioner. This helps in limiting hair damage and also prevents unnecessary hair loss. For this purpose, conditioner must be used frequently especially after shampooing.

It has to be understood that expecting overnight results with regards to faster hair growth is an unreasonable claim. The above-mentioned factors should be catered to effectively for over a period of time in order to achieve the most favorable results.

hair split ends

The Complete Guide on How to Deal with Split Ends

Our hair is exposed to various procedures and treatments on a regular basis that involves shampooing, combing, styling, coloring, etc. As a result of this, the hair cuticle wears off by getting eroded leaving the layer off inner hair exposed. This can cause considerable damage to the hair resulting in the prevalence of split ends. Let us have a look at how split ends can be effectively managed and eliminated.

Periodic Cutting and Trimming

The interval within which one requires a haircut or a trim depends on the growth, texture and the amount of care associated with one’s hair. No matter how much we cater to our hair, it is quite impossible to avoid split ends completely. This is why one should visit the salon frequently to chop off the split ends. If split ends exist and hair is allowed to keep growing, then the number of split ends will just increase. It is not right to leave the split ends unattended as it might crawl up to the root of the hair and make matters worse. Thus, periodic cutting and/or trimming is a must.

Concentrate on the scalp while shampooing

It is not advisable to pile up the entire volume of hair into one and scrub rigorously. This ensures that the hair loses its shape and orientation and increases the chances for the development of split ends. Ideally, the hair should be kept loose hanging down and and the froth should be predominant on the scalp and around. The shampoo should be allowed to trickle down the threads left loose while rinsing it off. This will help in retaining the orientation of the hair and considerably decrease the chances of the prevalence of split ends.

Appropriate Use of Towel

A lot of care has to be taken while drying up the wet hair. A towel should not be used aimlessly by being vigorous with the hair. Instead, the wet hair should be wrapped in a towel or anything pertaining to a softer material and pressed gently to let the moisture and the water out. The rest of the hair should be allowed to air-dry as this is the most effective kind of drying which will also help in avoiding the development of split ends. A hair dryer may also be used for drying at a medium or preferably a low level, but air-drying wins it hands down.

Brush/Comb with hair

Often, it is us that leads to the detriment of our hair rather than any external influence like chemicals and alike. Brushing/Combing should be done in a gentle manner with care. Ideally, one should start with the lower ends first and then move up gradually. It is not advisable to carry on combing if the hair is entangled. It should be untangled first with fingers or any other uniform and sleek object and then combing should be continued. Over brushing is not recommended. Another thing that should be kept in mind is that the best time to comb hair is when it is completely devoid of any kind of moisture.

Proper Conditioning

Frizz and split ends can occur for reasons more than one. Apart from the aimless use of the comb chemicals, factors like over exposure of hair in the sun or cold can lead to the same as well. Frequent conditioning of the affected areas will help in eliminating the frizz and the split ends and provide a more polished look. One of the better conditioners includes oil that can have a significant effect on the damaged hair. The recommended oils may be simple coconut oil, almond oil, etc. One should apply them gently on the damaged areas and let it be for a prolonged period of time and the results will be there to witness.