About My Hair Record

Your #1 Hair Resource

My Hair Record offers a convenient way to track all the different aspects of your hairstyle history from” WOW I love it” with our HAIR DO’S to “What was I thinking” with our HAIR DON’TS. My Hair Record is one of the first community websites dedicated to chronicling and detailing your personal hair history of haircuts and hairstyles. Making it easy to remember a cut and style that you loved or a color that you want to try again it is all recorded here for your convenience.

Founders Kelly Campbell and Chris Hames established My Hair Record in 2014 and it all started with a haircut! Kelly’s idea for the website came to her one afternoon when she was having her hair cut and styled. Kelly had one of those “Wow I love it! “moments and asked her hairstylist if she would remember how she had cut and styled Kelly’s hair when she came in on her next visit. Her stylist admitted it would be hard to do if Kelly waited longer than 6 weeks to get her next haircut. Kelly jokingly at the time said “to bad you don’t have some way to record your clients haircuts.” ….and My Hair Record was born!

Whether you are looking for that cut and style that you have always loved or you are in need of a new hair professional, My Hair Record is here to help. Discover products, professionals and ideas to help you with your newest hair challenge. My Hair Record is also the best way to get inspired for the latest styles, cuts and colors.